ComplianceNow is a part of the Allegeier Group. For more than a decade ComplianceNow has helped businesses that are using the software program called SAP. Do you want us to help you as well? 
We are certified in SAP consulting, management and performance, and our mission is making SAP Compliance manageable and transparent. We have both national and international customers. DSB, Mercedes Benz and Rigspolitiet, among others. 
ComplianceNow is an innovative product company, with a dream to change, build and deliver compliance products that will make a difference. Productivity, efficiency and transparency are the magic words we work by. 
You can find ComplianceNow in Brøndby in Denmark, on Søndre Ringvej 55. Do you have any questions? Reach out to us via mail or by phone +45 8817 8118. We look forward to helping you.



Søndre Ringvej 55, 2605 Brøndby


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