We know that price and quality are linked when we sell Italian wine back home. That is why we visit Vinitaly in Verona every year, where we taste, smell and pick out noble grapes for you from some of Italy’s best winemakers. Before we make the final decision on which Italian wines we want to have in the range, we order different wine samples home to Denmark to taste and evaluate the wine properly. Together with other wine experts, we try and taste Italian wines, which you will hopefully find interesting. We always carefully assess the wine’s fullness, intensity, acidity and sweetness before establishing various cooperation agreements with local Italian winemakers. At Italian Wine Import we have been fascinated and interested in the Italian grapes for many years. We make every effort to select Italian wines, and we have a diverse selection of Italian wines in stock at our wine shop in Horsens. All our exquisite Italian wines are properly shipped home to Denmark. We work with professional transport companies to ensure that the wine does not get frost and cold during transport. If wine gets cold, the residual sugar may settle. Our partners have refrigerated trucks that maintain a constant temperature and thus maintain the good quality of the wines.



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